I was on a podcast!

One of the most exciting things happened today. I got to be on Dana K. White’s “A Slob Comes Clean” podcast. It was a strategy session that I had with her back in January, apparently. Half of me was hoping she’d forget that she interviewed me. It feels funny to see my childhood nickname on the podcast…

I should have seen it coming that it was time, considering that last night I discovered that there’s a show called, “Liza on Demand” on YouTube. It’s about a woman named Liza doing odd jobs. Well, it’s potentially about that, but I didn’t want to take the time to actually watch it. I found it cool to finally see my name somewhere on a show (I saw it *only* because I was downloading YouTube to my phone. Again. Even though this stupid quarantine is still running. Things like that never happen. Ahem. Soooo, when I went for my weekly Dana, I saw MY name. Sigh.

Mostly was good, but when I was describing how play deficits affect tendency to get lost in projects, I sounded desperate and incoherent

I don’t remember, but I mentioned my oldest daughter turning 9. Yikes. It’s funny to listen to my summary of life from a few short months ago, now that all of us are stuck at home and my daughter attends therapy.

Lots more free now! Sigh.

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