I will serve people

I wrote some paragraphs today that will help Dana to write her blog. I don’t know if I need a platform for blogging or not, but I need to write every day to get in the habit of writing. I want to help people who feel overwhelmed and frustrated by physical disability. I know what it feels like to think that your body won’t let you obey God by serving others. I have enjoyed finding little ways to serve others.

There have been times in my life when I was afraid that my disability, DRD, would keep my family from paying off debt. I was afraid that my motor planning and executive function issues would keep me from cleaning house and homeschooling and budgeting forever. I am learning to clean house. I am simplifying to honor the life God gave me to steward right now. I will simplify my options because I have to avoid the kind of pride that says, “Hey, I’m Liza, I can do everything. I need to do everything because God wants me to do good things.” Instead, I will look for either existing physical and mental capacity. I will not be like the farmer who had extra grains and built extra barns and lost his life where mental and physical tasks are concerned. I will use the barns I have, and I will offer others the opportunity to find ways to use the gifts I have afforded to me. If God wills, I will serve people, but I have to follow his will, and wait for either the ability I can see, or evidence that my faith for the unseen is ready for a risky next step. I will put my trust in God, the God who has a relationship with me, and not in my preconcieved ideas of what a God should be. I am thankful for the eternal creator God who made everything that I do have, I need no other. I will keep writing, because writing means serving people.

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