What if I fail?

What if I fail to learn how to deal with my emotions using this Laura Dixon coaching? I won’t be able to manage my emotions well enough to help people see through their internal drama and make progress in life, and tht will be painful. I’ll be trapped in constant grief about other peoples’ lost potential lives. But the problem with myself is that I’d still feel a lot of guilt about eating too much food. I need to remember that my choices aren’t about weight, they’re about wisdom and about Godliness. So long as I don’t come up with an *emotionally laden* judgement about the wrongness of something, I can’t obsess myself into wrong behavior using that emotion. And I think it’s so fascinating that we as Christians talk about how objective our talk of right and wrong is… when we are emotionally tied to how right or how wrong it is. The joy of serving Jesus is of just getting to experience his dreams for us.

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